Mobile Biometric Access Control
Secure and Easy Access

Heightened security concerns make authenticating access to large venues problematic; often involving considerable delays and privacy issues. iFace system raises the level of security and maintains privacy, while improving overall operational efficiency at entrances to strategic sites, large events and facilities. This patented software solution interfaces with standard face-recognition systems and smart phone technology to make access secure and hassle-free.

Smart Phone Biometric Application

During advanced ticketing or enrollment, a user requesting admittance, submits a few details, a personal photo. The details are approved and Undergoing a cryptological process then returned and saved to the user’s smart phone. At the entrance to the venue, the user’s details are verified, his facial image is biometrically compared to the file in his mobile phone and his documents are authenticated within seconds. This rapid process averts bottlenecks often created when large amounts of people arrive at one place at the same time.
iFace system is intended for access control to strategic sites, mega events, critical infrastructure, large companies, hospitals and major transportation terminals. It may also be used as an interactive information
tool and for mobile e-wallet applications

iFace sYSTEM image